I transfer ideas into real digital products.

Hello, I’m David, thrilled 27 years old Digital product designer with a passion for function design and with one rule in mind - Design is everything. Currently designing cloud apps at SolarWinds MSP team in Brno.

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Since my 18nt I’ve had privilege and opportunities to design for entrepreneurs, startups and for big companies with a global reach. By using data, design frameworks and by applying design principles I am able to rapidly deliver a functional solution, not just pixels, for web or mobile app. The goal is to solve the business problem, met user’s needs, satisfy KPI’s and hit the market niche. Do you like approach? Let’s design something together.

Gordic company portal
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Company portal redesign

I had the opportunity to work on the redesign of GORDIC main web site, create scalable architecture,responsive wireframes and interactions for more than hundreds subpages.

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Gordic support
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Support & learning portal

I designed portal where GORDIC company shares personalized news, events, important legal updates and best industry practices in order to help their customers to do the right things right.

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HI, I am David

I am a passionate product designer currently living in Brno in Czechia. During the last eight years I’ve worked as the Graphic, Web designer, Web developer, UX/UI and Product designer for startups, corporates and also as the freelancer for my own clients where I’ve gained valuable experiences of different fields such as marketing, front-end development, project ownership and building products from scratch. Traveling, friends, adrenalin sport and adventures are the hobbies where I am getting energy and inspiration from.

David Jambor


  • “He is a young man that has great ideas, works tirelessly to get it right and really listens to feedback. I can’t say enough. He was a pleasure to work with and really has proven to me he is on track to be an exceptional Designer.”

    Alina Dias product manager
    Alina Dias
    Product manager
  • “I worked with David for many years in SolarWinds and I always enjoyed working with him. He is professional, reliable and proactive and he is very competent UX designer.

    Jan Tauwinkl Technical lead developer
    Jan Tauwinkl
    Technical Lead developer
  • “He easily understood our requirements. It should be noted that David's proposal is very practical and it is clear that he thought about every detail. He is flexible, willing and quick.”

    Lucie Sedláčková Marketing Director
    Lucie Sedláčková
    Marketing Director
  • “David is very skilled UX and Graphic designer. I always appreciated his proactive approach, fairness, reliability, and creativity. He is part of a group I can hundred percent trust to.”

    Petr Zavadil Co-Founder
    Petr Zavadil
    Co-Founder TechSophia
  • “It was a pleasure to communicate with David and I always felt like the web design he builds for me must be spot on and to all my needs. I got many advices and suggestions that would be left out without his attitude.

    David Vichra Co-Founder
    David Vichra
    Co-Founder at 必如 BeFood
  • “I asked David to create a website for me and I was not sure what to expect. But David´s step by step creation of the web showed how professional he really is and how seriously he takes what he does.”

    Lukáš Kopáček English lector
    Lukáš Kopáček
    English lector

How I design products.

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01. Research

Designing without data is as driving without brakes, you can handle it, but it is a risk. Because of that, the most important thing is to know as much as possible about the problem/task and user need. Let’s gather at least quantitative data from available analytics or ideally plan the qualitative research, which would be even better.

Thus I will dig deep to discover what really your customers are looking for and together we will decide what the next steps are. More quantitative and qualitative data achieves better problem understanding for everyone and allows me to choose the right decisions in the design process.

02. Design

We have to sit together and come up with a plan for the feature or product. It means that Product Manager, Architect, and Dev lead and I needs to be on the same page. What will be my role? I will transfer the information from the research, create a design brief and start design sketches which I will quickly transfer to high-fidelity prototype or to design increment within weeks, not months.

The result? Together we can see interactive prototype which is supposed to deliver real value to our customer and we will be ready for user testing to get user's insight.

03. Test

Even the best solution needs to be tested to make sure that it will really bring value to your customers. I will prepare the test plan and scenarios and set up analytics for testing and either I or your research will conduct the testing. I will attend the user sessions and rapidly iterate on design based on feedback. After that, we will sit together and we will decide what If we need to change anything else or if we are all right with the design which we have.

04. Implement

I will provide the design guidelines for the Front-end team and all other design sources to make sure they have everything they need. I will also keep an eye on design during the implementation and care about the quality and communicate the required changes. What next? Even the best products need to evolve. Let’s identify a new market niche and repeat this process again.