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My name is David and I'm a digital product designer currently living in Brno. During the last eight years I've worked as the Graphic, Web designer, UX/UI and Product designer for startups, corporates and also as the freelancer for my own clients.

  • 9+ Years in design
  • 200+ Projects
  • 30+ Own clients
  • 5+ Years in remote
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Steps that takes me to product design

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Design journey steps

Design is something I always did and always loved. One and a half-decade back, I luckily installed Photoshop and designed the first web with one paragraph and three buttons 👏 This started my design journey.

After that, I designed and somehow coded the gaming portal for myself and my gaming companions. As a teenager, I found a passion for design and it brought me the first clients and this gives me freedom.

At the university, I realize how I can combine a design with business and project management. So I started a new journey as a freelancer. During the five years, that I spent in college, I designed over a hundred websites, dozens of logos, posters, billboards, car wraps, book covers, email campaigns and business cards. When the client asked for something, I did my best to deliver it even though I didn't know how. Almost everything I learned, I learned on the go and most of it by myself. It was a great adventure with many mistakes. This experience I used when my mother started her business. I helped her to design a customer experience, not just a marketing web. This was something I really liked because it wasn't temporary and it had high value. Therefore after college, I jump into UX and started designing apps and information systems, which I studied by the way. It all came together.

I've been fortunate to design complex SaaS applications for IT Experts in SolarWinds. As a member of the MSP design team. The majority of the time I worked on a multi-tenant Helpdesk system with great teams from Poland, Edinburgh, Ottawa and a founder from Austin. I ship projects like Task list, Task timer, Ticket automation, Knowledge base system, new dashboards system known aka Workspaces and designed the majority of widgets. I designed also some experimental features we developed during the hackathons. Also, I've been working on MSP Backup as the second designer where I helped design the new recovery and reporting system. Meanwhile, I collaborated on a new design system with other designers where I specified components, behaviors and guidelines for Tables, Color picker, Timer, Favicons, Cards, Motion, Empty states, Email templates and more.

After that, I joined the great Czech travel startup where I lead the design of the internal Helpdesk application. I helped to transform the support experience from absolute chaos during the Covid pandemic in 2020 to proactive and reliable service. I constantly delivered work for more than six product managers and designed features that handle the initial booking process, multi-language chat between support team and customer. Together with tribe leads, I came up with new vision so now we are striving to develop a single platform that will digitize all internal processes and services.

Working independently I've been lucky to collaborate with great companies and individuals. I worked with one of the biggest czech company, who delivers the IT system, on their new web and I also designed a Gordic support portal that fits their new web ecosystem. I designed and developed a well-known climbing portal in the Czech republic — with a reach of over 10k visitors per month. For I redesigned the branding and offline campaigns that were promoted all over the Czechia.

Today, I spend almost all my free time building my own startup for online mentoring It is rewarding, terrifying, and exhausting - usually everything at once. But it's an invaluable experience when you have to design everything, care about product management, think about human resources, finances, negotiate with potential investors.

Work attitude
& references

I'm lucky that I turned my passion into a job — designing and building a digital product that has a positive impact on people's life. It is not actually a job for me, it is a hobby. Thanks to this positive approach I've always strived to achieve the best possible results and went the extra mile to deliver them. Not because I have to, but because I wanted it. Passion + full commitment are my drivers and that's probably why others like my work.

I designed
for solarwinds gordic ntsup smartest emontana Techsophia


  • “David created the design for our website that completely suits our needs and all the requirements. In addition, the design was done in a very short time and during the process, he actively led the communication with us.”

    Jan Hornych, Co-founder of Smartest
    Jan Hornych
    Co-founder of Smartest
  • “He has an excellent eye for design and is quick to solve any challenge. He consistently produces high quality UX designs and is good at communicating his design decisions to every stakeholders. It was pleasure to work with him.”

    Lynne Robertson Senior UX designer
    Lynne Robertson
    Senior UX designer
  • “He is a young man that has great ideas, works tirelessly to get it right and really listens to feedback. I can’t say enough. He was a pleasure to work with and really has proven to me he is on track to be an exceptional Designer.”

    Alina Dias product manager
    Alina Dias
    Product manager
  • “I worked with David for many years in SolarWinds and I always enjoyed working with him. He is professional, reliable and proactive and he is very competent UX designer.

    Jan Tauwinkl Technical lead developer
    Jan Tauwinkl
    Technical Lead developer
  • “He easily understood our requirements. It should be noted that David's proposal is very practical and it is clear that he thought about every detail. He is flexible, co-operative and quick.”

    Lucie Sedláčková Marketing Director
    Lucie Sedláčková
    Marketing Director
  • “David is very skilled UX and Graphic designer. I always appreciated his proactive approach, fairness, reliability, and creativity. He is part of a group I can hundred percent trust to.”

    Petr Zavadil Co-Founder
    Petr Zavadil
    Co-Founder TechSophia
  • “It was a pleasure to communicate with David and I always felt like the web design he builds for me must be spot on and to all my needs. I got many advices and suggestions that would be left out without his attitude.

    David Vichra Co-Founder
    David Vichra
    Co-Founder at 必如 BeFood
  • “I asked David to create a website for me and I was not sure what to expect. But David´s step by step creation of the web showed how professional he really is and how seriously he takes what he does.”

    Lukáš Kopáček English lector
    Lukáš Kopáček
    English lector

What I can help you with
+ what you can expect

  • Research


  • UX / UI

    UX / UI

  • Motion


  • Prototyping

    & validation

  • Landing pages

    Product &
    landing pages

  • Design system


  • Vision concepts


Awareness of technology
and its limitation

Back-end and Front-end are not strange words for me. I used to code the websites. Also, I have fundamental knowledge about relational databases and data warehouses & security problems. Now I am building my own web app (running on .Net / Angular) where I am helping with Front-end too. Therefore you can expect that the design will respect the current technical possibilities.

Business thinking

It is OK to start building digital products or services without a financial plan. But if you don't care about the sustainable business model and recurring cashflow then your runway will end up very quickly 🔥. I know it from my own experience. Therefore you can expect that I will be designing with the value proposition, business model and your AAARRR in mind.

Dealing with complexity

Since the beginning, I've designed solutions for quite complex use cases and for data-heavy applications. It happened to me many times that I've been in not-easy situations where I had to deal with changes in the design team, in the project, or in the business. With these experiences in mind, I believe that I can quickly understand the situation and respectively react to help to overcome any obstacle.

Solid design process

Sometimes a situation requires jumping in the solution space and deliver, but most of the time is good to spend 80 % of the time with discovery. Find your why, research the need of your target audience, test the prototype, and see how successfully the hypothesizes were. Yes, this process might take a longer time, but in the long term, it is much cheaper, less risky and it will move us towards the goal.

My missions
& principles ↘

Two bold missions

1 It all starts with the people and their skills — this is a mantra of my startup that helps companies to manage skills and help employees grow through → internal and external mentoring.

2 Designing and transforming Sales analytics into simple and actionable stories in

My five principles

  • 1Design is everything

    Design is everything - and it is true. I don't mean pixels, but how everything works together. It's about the service, support, sales, marketing — it is about every customer touchpoint. Especially now when the good design is no longer optional. This is what will make products or services different and bring long-term success even in a very competitive market. If you want your product to stand out then the design and the customer experience have to have a key place in your company structure. Otherwise, it will be very hard to even start.

  • 2 There is no substitute of hard work

    Everything I've achieved in sport, school, job or life was thanks to hard work, endurance and a positive approach and it didn't happen over the night. I like a famous quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger „If you don't find the time, if you don't do the work, you don't get the results." — this streams through my veins and I believe that it is reflected in my work.

  • 3Never stop evolving

    The feedback is the best thing you can get even though it is hard to accept it sometimes. But it is the only way how to move forward. Basically it is a simple formula — pain + reflection + open mind = progress. The same way works the design process and the same way I use this principle for my personal development.

  • 4Honesty and open communication

    I really do respect people and I believe in open communication culture. I did a few mistakes in the past when I was quiet and followed the crowd, but I will not repeat it. So now when I don't like something I say it, when I see space for improvements I say it even if you will be the highest-paid person in the room.

  • 5It has to be diverse and fun

    I love working in a startup mode. The mode where people are doing their best, where everyone goes far beyond their own responsibilities, and when you can grab the beer and enjoy a nice moment with the team. I am enjoying very diverse projects. The projects where I can collaborate or handle the research, design, validation, motion, or help with the design system and principles. Thanks to my side project I also found a passion in front-end, product/project management, and go-to-market activities.

Where do I get
my energy
and inspiration?

Mont Blanc

Adventures & Traveling

Mont Blanc · 2018

The adventures, adrenalin sports, and traveling are the activities that help me enjoy my l life and where I get the energy from. I am happy when I can spend time in nature, feel sea salt in my hair, and watch the sunset falling behind ocean horizons. The best moments of my life haven't happened in front of the monitor. It happened when I went beyond the comfort zone, conquer the mountains, and enjoy a well-deserved view together with my adventure companion. I found out that people regret things that they didn't do, not things that they've done. I think it is true - therefore I like saying yes to new challenges.

Motorbike trip

Family & Friends

One of many trips · 2016

Life without family, supportive friends, and great colleagues would be too sad. In the past, I spent a lot of time alone, because I wanted to finish work for my clients or deliver new features sooner. Now I realize how important work-life balance is. I say NO to side projects unless it is something special and I prefer spending my time with my family, friends or by learning something new. It is always worth it. That free time has a much bigger value to me now.